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Navigational Guided Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

If surgery is indicated, you can be assured you or your family was receive the highest quality of care with optimal benefit in the treatment of sinus related symptoms or disease.  With over 20 years of experience and countless surgeries performed, Dr. Huang’s skill, and understanding of the needs of each patient being unique and complex, allows a patient to receive an unsurpassed quality of care. 

When is it needed?
Functional endoscopic sinus surgery is recommended for patient’s that have failed conservative treatment with medications, and a CT scan of the sinus has been done confirming the presence of disease within the sinus. Once the disease process, which sometimes can have a fungal component, or be related to polyp growth, is removed surgically, the mucosa of the sinus can heal alleviating symptoms such as facial pain, headache, recurrent infection, nasal obstruction and nasal discharge and post nasal discharge which irritates the throat. In some cases, additional procedures, such as correction of a deviation of the nasal septum and/or reduction of the nasal turbinates are necessary during the same surgical event. This is determined by the physical exam and the CT findings, which are all thoroughly discussed with the patient and family in the office.  Surgery is not always necessary, but all options are always fully discussed for an informed decision by both the patient and physician in every case. 

Surgery Procedure
When performing navigational endoscopic sinus surgery with intraoperative imaging, surgery is performed at Methodist Central of Dallas. However, not all sinus surgery requires the use of navigation and is done at other locations such as Methodist Charlton and North Texas Surgery Center, if preferred by the patient or necessary for the patient’s insurance network. In any case, this is usually a day surgery and requires a post operative recovery time of several days to a week at home.  Dr. Huang closely monitors his patient’s after surgery with post operative examinations. Instructions regarding continued care and management of precipitating factors such as nasal sinus allergies, common colds, and rhinitis will be explained.

There is no reason for anyone to go through life with chronic sinus symptoms which interrupt the quality of life and wellbeing.  Seeing an experienced, skilled ENT specialist, Dr. Chung-En Huang will provide the quality of care and results you can expect and deserve.   

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